Senshin Zadankai

Purpose of the Zadankai is to have an informal discussion group - to talk about, exchange  ideas relating to the Dharma (Teachings of the Buddha) and meaningful or challenging life experiences in a warm, non-judgemental environment.  It is open to anyone who is interested in this kind of dialogue....and may or may not have a Jodo Shinshu minister present, but is not contingent on the presence of a minister.  In order to have the meeting in a venue suitable to the size of the group, if you plan to attend, you need to call or email JoAnn so she can arrange for a meeting place.

Time :  7:30 PM

Place :  Teramachi

If you plan to attend, please contact
 JoAnn Komai :  Phone: (626) 484-8806 
    or e-mail :